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Legal Services in Yorkton

Whether you are starting a business, selling your home, going through a divorce or simply requiring legal guidance, Cogent Law strives to provide professional and efficient services to assist all clients with their legal needs. Documentation and legal processes can be complex; Adeola strives to make legal language understandable by providing the necessary guidance to adequately meet your legal needs. I have experience with a variety of areas of law. Call, email or stop by the office to learn how Cogent Law can serve you. 

Cogent Law provides the following legal services in Yorkton:

Charged with Assault?

I will consider every possible defence in preparing your case.

Selling Your Home?

Protect yourself from costly errors with professional legal assistance.

Need Some Advice?

I am happy to provide legal counsel for your unique situation.

Notary Public Services

In addition to general legal practice, Adeola can also offer notary public services, serving as an official witness to the execution of any contract, agreement or other legal document. If you need the authority of a notary, feel free to contact Cogent Law today.

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